Bionic Woman

Amazing technology! A bionic suit allows paralysed woman Claire Lomas walk! Outstanding achievement and determination.  She finishes the London Marathon today after 16 days.... Inspiring stuff.. Read full News story

May 9th, 2012|Latest News|0 Comments

Self Driving Cars

Google gets issued licence for Self Drive car in Nevada. Seemingly, this self-drive car has been tested for over 140,000 miles without error and also tested on streets of California. They believe its the way of the future as most accidents are caused by people. I love computers and technology but not sure I'd want [...]

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Inspiring Young Cork Woman Speaking About Technology at UN

Joanne O'Riordan, age 16, born without limbs, speaks at UN about technology and how it has helped her so much.  This young lady is going far, she spoke brilliantly and challenged the world to build her a robot to help her independence by picking things up for her.  Truly inspiring girl, she will go far. [...]

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