Mobile will be main business tool replacing PC/Laptop by 2025

Is your website mobile friendly? It is being said that Mobile devices will replace PC/Laptop as the central business tool by 2025. With 90% of over 25's accessing the internet by smartphone already, this prediction is very accurate. 87% of Irish people are online spending an average of five hours and 40 minutes a week. [...]

Beginners Guide to Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing and why is it important? It may seem that it becomes information overload with all the new and existing platforms out there today.   To keep it simple Social Media (SM) using the right channels is all about attention…grabbing attention, retaining attention and creating more and more attention. How many of [...]

Catchy Copywriting – A smart investment?

What does the modern day scan reader want from their web copy? The best method of ensuring a good flow of traffic and keeping visitors on your site longer is by hiring a great copywriter. Remember first impressions last and if a potential client logs on to your website you want them to stay and [...]