How to Stop Facebook Videos From Playing Automatically in News Feed on My Mobile Phone?

If you have noticed your mobile phone or mobile device data usage being sky high lately it might be due to the recent change in Facebook whereby videos are autoplaying on your newsfeed.  You can adjust this Facebook auto-play settings to On, Wi-Fi only or Off. Android Open the Facebook app Tap your phone's menu button Tap Settings Scroll down [...]

iPhone 5 New Features?

Great Marketing Video about the iPhone 5 Launch As an owner of the Samsung Galaxy SIII for some time now, I found this very enjoyable :)

September 20th, 2012|Gadgets, Mobile Phones|0 Comments

Setting up your Email on your PC, laptop, Mobile phone or Tablet

So you've got your new website and domain name is www.yourcompany.ie or .com, etc. AND/OR You've got your new PC/Netbook/Laptop/Tablet/iPad/iPhone/Android Phone or other smart mobile device. SO HOW DO I SETUP MY EMAIL? Whether you are using an Internet email account such as GMail or Hotmail or you have an email account with your broadband [...]

June 1st, 2012|Computers, Email, General, Software, Tutorials|9 Comments