Does your business need help with Social Media?

In 1936, a man named Dale Carnegie wrote a book entitled “How to Win Friends and Influence People’ and eighty years on  in 2016, despite some very trendy social media marketing conferences full to overflowing with painfully hip ‘millennials ‘  it is very comforting to report that essentially  not much has changed.  Yes, of course, [...]

How to Stop Facebook Videos From Playing Automatically in News Feed on My Mobile Phone?

If you have noticed your mobile phone or mobile device data usage being sky high lately it might be due to the recent change in Facebook whereby videos are autoplaying on your newsfeed.  You can adjust this Facebook auto-play settings to On, Wi-Fi only or Off. Android Open the Facebook app Tap your phone's menu button Tap Settings Scroll down [...]

Facebook Goes Down

Facebook was down for a time this morning.  But people still had Twitter and Pinterest, etc., so the world didn't end :) Image from www.thenewsinfo.com Poor Mark is famous for quoting it would never go down. It has gone down on occasion in various countries but today it was worldwide. However, what amused [...]