Does your business need help with Social Media?

In 1936, a man named Dale Carnegie wrote a book entitled “How to Win Friends and Influence People’ and eighty years on  in 2016, despite some very trendy social media marketing conferences full to overflowing with painfully hip ‘millennials ‘  it is very comforting to report that essentially  not much has changed.  Yes, of course, [...]

Do I need an online presence?

This article from Irish Tech News claims that one in in six SME’s still do not have an online presence. With 90% of people now using mobile to browse, shop, engage and interact never has it been more important to get your brand in front of your potential clients. By 2020, a billion people will [...]

Beginners Guide to Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing and why is it important? It may seem that it becomes information overload with all the new and existing platforms out there today.   To keep it simple Social Media (SM) using the right channels is all about attention…grabbing attention, retaining attention and creating more and more attention. How many of [...]