2709, 2014

How secure is your password and why you should care!

We try to make passwords that are relatively easy for clients to remember without writing down but yet are complex enough not to be hacked quickly. This is with good reason.  Hacking passwords is a  [...]

2309, 2014

Very Clever Samsung #bendgate exploited nicely

409, 2014

How to Stop Facebook Videos From Playing Automatically in News Feed on My Mobile Phone?

If you have noticed your mobile phone or mobile device data usage being sky high lately it might be due to the recent change in Facebook whereby videos are autoplaying on your newsfeed.  You can [...]

309, 2014

iCloud Hacks Apple Not Taking Blame – Passing Buck to Users

Do you use iCloud? article here worth a read. Apple are blaming the users for these recent iCloud hacks, saying that they should have stronger password and use 2 step authentication. hhmmm!! Still seems iCloud [...]

1007, 2014

Up to €2500 Available to Businesses for Developing Their Online Presence

At last this scheme is available nationwide. Already pilotted in Dublin area, the Government has now opened this up to rest of the country and allocated €5 million in online trading vouchers to be given [...]

1906, 2014

Facebook Goes Down

Facebook was down for a time this morning.  But people still had Twitter and Pinterest, etc., so the world didn't end 🙂 Image from www.thenewsinfo.com Poor Mark is famous for quoting it would [...]

1203, 2014

Happy Birthday World Wide Web – 25 Years Old Today

There was AD and BC in ages. Now, I think we have before web-BW and after web-AW. I, like many others, remember the world before the internet, but so many people alive today have never [...]

2702, 2014

Most Popular Coding Languages

  Interesting graph, the powerful Python on top with Java 2nd, strong gaming programming platforms so no surprise there! Graph from codeeval.com, read full article here.

1402, 2014

Happy Valentines Day <3

Today we celebrate not only the love of special people in our lives, but whatever you love in life. For us at WebArt, we love to code ... !   Graphic from Valentines ECards, code [...]

601, 2014

Up to 1000 Euro Grant Available Towards Your Business Website From Wexford Enterprise Board

Just got confimation from Wexford Enterprise Board that their E-business grants are open again for 2014. Get your application in early to avail of the best chance as usually the funds run out in a [...]

501, 2014

Some Tips on How to Tell if a Digital Image is Real or Fake

Good resource article from The Journal here sparked off by the fact so many people were fooled again this New Year by this photo shared on social media: This one should be easy to spot due [...]

512, 2013

Irish Teenager Writes App for Winterval Festival for His Home City of Waterford

Well done to Jordan Casey writing the Winterval app for Waterford Winter Festival. Jordan learned to code with the help of Coder Dojo coding clubs, he is CEO of his own company Casey Games and [...]