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The Importance of a Strong Password

The use of strong passwords can slow or often defeat hackers. It is very common for users to choose easy to remember passwords such as their birthday, their mothers maiden name, or the name of a pet, child or relative. Even more frightening, people still think that 'password' or 'secret' are good choices, or leaving [...]

What does SEO mean? 6 Key Points

The Basics of SEO Search Engine Optimisation or SEO involves engaging in strategies that bring your website higher up in on search engines. A search engine for example would be Google, Yahoo or any of the popular engines that used for this purpose.  Recent statistics show that 91% of web users only click on a [...]

How to Stop Facebook Videos From Playing Automatically in News Feed on My Mobile Phone?

If you have noticed your mobile phone or mobile device data usage being sky high lately it might be due to the recent change in Facebook whereby videos are autoplaying on your newsfeed.  You can adjust this Facebook auto-play settings to On, Wi-Fi only or Off. Android Open the Facebook app Tap your phone's menu button Tap Settings Scroll down [...]

How to Fade an Image with Transparent Gradient in Adobe Fireworks

This short tutorial will show you how to fade an image with transparent gradient in Adobe Fireworks. This little feature is tucked away in Fireworks. Quickest way is to select your image layer and go to: Commands Menu -> Creative -> Auto Vector Mask Select type of gradient mask you wish to apply to your image [...]

March 25th, 2013|Graphic Design, Tutorials, Web Design|Comments Off on How to Fade an Image with Transparent Gradient in Adobe Fireworks