How can I safely shop online this Christmas?

When it comes to shopping online this festive season some people might feel a little alarmed at the prospect. Will it be safe? How do I know if I  put in my financial details that they will be protected? These are all valid concerns but they should not put you off shopping online. It can [...]

Do I need an online presence?

This article from Irish Tech News claims that one in in six SME’s still do not have an online presence. With 90% of people now using mobile to browse, shop, engage and interact never has it been more important to get your brand in front of your potential clients. By 2020, a billion people will [...]

Do you Know the Importance of Updating Your Website?

So you have finally got around to building your website. That job is done now, you can forget about it, right?  Unfortunately, this is not the case, a website needs to be continually updated for the search engines to know you are still alive and serving new relevant content. Did you Know That Your Website [...]

Is your Website Mobile Friendly?

Top Reasons Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile and Tablet Friendly Firstly what does it even mean? Yes, you have your fantastic website full of excellent copy and wonderful graphics and you can clearly see this on your desktop or laptop computer, yet you are not increasing your business or getting more sales!! Why [...]

How secure is your password and why you should care!

We try to make passwords that are relatively easy for clients to remember without writing down but yet are complex enough not to be hacked quickly. This is with good reason.  Hacking passwords is a  very lucrative occupation for some people. It's worth your while trying to protect yourself and your data from them. However, [...]

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