Top 5 Tips for Shopping Online (For Cyber Monday Shopping and Everyday)

With today, Cyber Monday is marked as the biggest online shopping day of the year and  although you need to adhere to online shopping safety all year round we need to show extra caution at these times when shopping online as there are going to  be more threats and will be potentially easier to get [...]

November 26th, 2018|Ecommerce, General, Internet, Security|0 Comments

What are SSL Certificates-and Does your website need one ?

What is an SSL certificate? SSL, or “secure sockets layer”, is a method of encryption, used to keep sensitive information secure online. Whenever web users access a website, a connection is created between their browser and the website’s servers. If this connection isn’t properly encrypted, then hackers can easily intercept it, and steal any data [...]

May 19th, 2017|Ecommerce, Internet, Security|1 Comment

How can I safely shop online this Christmas?

When it comes to shopping online this festive season some people might feel a little alarmed at the prospect. Will it be safe? How do I know if I  put in my financial details that they will be protected? These are all valid concerns but they should not put you off shopping online. It can [...]

What’s with Black Friday and Cyber Monday retail madness ?

The term "Black Friday" has been in existence since 1960's and begins the official Christmas shopping season. "Black" refers to retailers moving from the "red" to the "black," and following Thanksgiving in the US, Christmas season gets officially underway.  Cyber Monday refers to the Monday following Black Friday and is known as the day when [...]

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WebArt News, awards, new projects and more

DOTIE Net Visionary Award Shortlisted web designers 2016. Yes, it has been an exciting week here for WebArt news. The awards night we were all looking forward to took place Friday last, the 7th of October, in the RDS Concert Hall. Our own Lisa Stacey and Les James were of course in attendance along with 300 other [...]