About the author of this Blog;

I have been passionate about computers since I was a child, tinkering with BASIC computer language on my first spectrum computer when I was 8, pulling them apart and upgrading them etc in my teenage years.  Therefore I naturally progressed into a career working with computers since early 1990’s. After spending many years in computer support, specialising in Windows Desktop and Server support mainly but also worked with UNIX servers, I discovered Web Design and Development found a new passion and set up my own business in 2008 doing web design, development, hosting and some training.
I have also always maintained a parallel career in teaching computers, on a part-time basis ranging from beginners to University Level.  Having taught in Second and Third Level Schools, College and Universities as well as many tailored courses and one to one tuition and consultations.
Therefore I might have some knowledge and tips to share and hopefully spark off some discussions with people on various web and computer topics.
I hope you enjoy and do visit back 🙂
Lisa Stacey.