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    1905, 2017

    What are SSL Certificates-and Does your website need one ?

    What is an SSL certificate? SSL, or “secure sockets layer”, is a method of encryption, used to keep sensitive information secure online. Whenever web users access a website, a connection is created between their browser [...]

    812, 2016

    How can I safely shop online this Christmas?

    When it comes to shopping online this festive season some people might feel a little alarmed at the prospect. Will it be safe? How do I know if I  put in my financial details that [...]

    712, 2016

    The Importance of a Strong Password

    The use of strong passwords can slow or often defeat hackers. It is very common for users to choose easy to remember passwords such as their birthday, their mothers maiden name, or the name of [...]

    512, 2016

    New Jobs in Irish Tech Sector

    There was a  tech jobs bonanza in Ireland this November as IDA Ireland announces 215 jobs across nine Irish-based companies, including 35 from the IoT start-up, Smartfrog. The month of October proved to be quite [...]

    2911, 2016

    WebArt Winners of the AIB North Wexford Business Award for Industry and Services 2016

    All the team here at WebArt are delighted to have won the AIB, Gorey Chamber of Commerce  North Wexford Business Award in Industry & Services 2016.  Thank you to all who voted for us and [...]

    2411, 2016

    What’s with Black Friday and Cyber Monday retail madness ?

    The term "Black Friday" has been in existence since 1960's and begins the official Christmas shopping season. "Black" refers to retailers moving from the "red" to the "black," and following Thanksgiving in the US, Christmas [...]

    2311, 2016

    Win a Samsung 10″ Tablet from WebArt

    Enter our competition on Facebook by tagging your business Facebook page OR website in the comments OR nominate a business of your choice. Click here to enter. Good Luck to All  

    2111, 2016

    AIB Gorey Chamber Outstanding Business Award Nomination

    WebArt are delighted to be nominated for the AIB, Gorey Chamber of Commerce, Outstanding Business Award in the Industry & Services Sector. The winner is chosen by public vote from the business community and all [...]

    1910, 2016

    WebArt News, awards, new projects and more

    DOTIE Net Visionary Award Shortlisted web designers 2016. Yes, it has been an exciting week here for WebArt news. The awards night we were all looking forward to took place Friday last, the 7th of October, in [...]

    1409, 2016

    Mobile will be main business tool replacing PC/Laptop by 2025

    Is your website mobile friendly? It is being said that Mobile devices will replace PC/Laptop as the central business tool by 2025. With 90% of over 25's accessing the internet by smartphone already, this prediction [...]

    209, 2016

    How to make the internet safer for children?

    Many people have concerns about internet safety for children and with them back to school this week  after a summer of outdoor fun and holidays it will be time for them to return to their [...]

    109, 2016

    Shortlisted for Best Website in DOTIE Net Visionary Awards 2016

    WebArt are delighted to have been shortlisted by the Irish Internet Association, the independent representative body for internet businesses in Ireland, with only 6 shortlisted in each category in Ireland. The IIA 'Established in 1997 it [...]